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Company Profile

Company Name

Tokushu Giken Co., Ltd.

Date Founded

April 17, 1927

Date of Incorporation

April 10, 1944




5-86, Motohama-cho, Amagasaki 660-0085 Japan

TEL +81-6-6417-4001  FAX +81-6-6419-1775



Bank Accounts

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation,

The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Bank

Amagasaki Credit Association


Chairman and C.E.O.     Hitomi Furuichi

President    Hikaru Furuichi

Director      Hisashi Furuichi

Auditor       Masataka Fuma


  • Chrome plating for industrial use

  • "Spachromcoat" coating process

  • Machining

  • Grinding

  • Various types of surface treatment processes



  • Production and sales of  "Pinhole Inlay," a pinhole filling machine.

  • Production and sales of  "Spanodes," highly efficient anodes for chrome plating applications.

  • Production and sales of "My Filter," a simple liquid filtration system.

  • Production and sales of ”Magnebar," metal powder remover.

  • Sales of grinders and various other types of surface-treatment products.

  • Production and sales of "T.K. Markpen"  for textile processing.

Affiliate Companies

Tokushu Giken (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
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