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Wire anode used in chrome plating Plate anode used in chrome plating

Superior efficiency with greater conductivity, corrosion-resistance and formability.  

Ancillary anode in the form of wire and plates is frequently used in chrome plating operations, but sometimes create safety and corrosion problems.  They are also a source of contamination of the plating bath and can cause electro-corrosion when they come into contact with part being plated.   

Sennode and Itanode have been developed over many years of technological improvements and experience in the chrome plating industry at Tokushu Giken.  Sennode and Itanode are high quality and high performance ancillary anode parts used in the chrome plating process that were developed for their superior conductivity and corrosion-resistance.

  • Uses strictly pure lead/tin alloy for superior corrosion resistance. 
  • Because of superior anti-corrosion properties, Sennode and Itanode allows for more uses, reducing costs. 
  • Prevents degradation of the chrome plating bath, allowing it to be used longer.  
  • Superior conductivity gives better adhesion of plating even in grooves and cavities. 
  • Sennodes and Itanodes are highly formable and come in a variety of configurations for greater ease of use. 
  • Find the Sennode or Itanode that is right for your unique application and use.  
Types Available
Sennode  Itanode
Type Dimensions (m/m x m) Weight
S-2  φ2 x 284L 10 kg
(one role)
S-3  φ3 x 126L
S-4  φ4 x 71L 
S-5  φ5 x 45L 
S-6  φ6 x 31L 
S-7  φ7 x 23L 
S-8  φ8 x 17L 
S-9  φ9 x 14L
S-10 φ10 x 11L
Note:  1 case/2 rolls with flexible combinations.  
Type Dimensions (m/m×m/m×m) Weight
I-25 25W x 3T x 14L  12.0kg
 (one roll) 
I-40 40W x 4T x 1L  1.8kg
(one sheet)

Note:  1 case/I-25=1roll/I-40= 10 sheets

Unique dimensions and material can be order to suit your particular needs. 
Examples of Uses
 Sennode  Itanode
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