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For marking on textiles
T.K. Markpen

Achieve greater quality and efficiency in process control in fabric and textile operations!   

The T.K. Markpen was developed in 1954 as marking tool for use in dying of fabrics used in processing of textiles that would not fade or wash out. 

By making improvements in response to diversification of fabric types, and with an increase in the sophistication of processing technology, the Markpen has been developed with superior durability to chemicals and and resists dyeing.  Even on fabrics that undergo harsh milling conditions, bleaching or dyeing, any markings made with T.K. Markpen remain clear.  

Since it was first marketed in 1954, the T.K Markpen has become known throughout the world in the textiles industry for its efficient use in process control.  It does not inhibit the PRTR process, the tube does not break and create a mess, and it is produced with consideration to the impact on the environment.

There are two types (standard and special) and you can chose the thickness of the pen tip (for fine or thick characters) and color (yellow, black, red).  


¢£Features of T.K. Markpen
Type Color Pen tip Textiles Used Features Applications
Standard Yellow
Fine S
Thick L
¡üHeavy wool¡¡¡üWool blend
¡üT/C, T/R, T/W, A/W, etc. blends
¡üRaised fabric
General Purpose
Strong adhesion
General Textile Processing
Stops runs
Special Yellow Fine S
Thick L
¡üPolyester¡¡¡üNylon textiles
¡üHigh density polyester
High-temp calendar press
Crinkling process
Dispersion dying
The above is a chart of standard uses.  When using or changing the processing of textiles, be sure to test before use. 

*** Note ***

Beware of imitations of registered trademark, company name and product design from China.  Ask the retail establishment selling the item how to determine the difference. 
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