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Tools to eliminate iron/metallic powder
My filter

Even greater impact when used with My Filter!  

When chrome plating bath is filtered with My Filter, impurities such as oil, solid particles and metal powder are eliminated, decreasing the SS concentration. Complete removal of very minute metallic powder has always presented a problem. 

When used in combination with the newly developed metal powder removal device, Magnebar, even very minute iron metallic particles can be eliminated, improving the quality of the plating by reducing defects caused by metal powder on the surface of the part and by controlling the amount of iron content in the bath.  

Magnecase C-500T Magnebar 500T  Magnebar 250T   Magnebar 250   Magnebar 500  Magneunit U-250T
  • High degree of precision in the absorption of minute metal powder through strong magnetic force. 
  • Easy to set up because the Magnebar simply hangs inside the filter bag. 
  • Cleaning is done easily by simply wiping the metal powder off with a cloth.  
  • Magnecase shows the impact of Magnebar single units.  
    Using single unit Magnebars gives greater flexibility in use at much less cost. 
    Magnecase can be placed anywhere in the plating tank.  
    Can be used with or without My Filter, and is easy to use. 
  • Use Magneunit in combination with My Filter for even greater impact. 
    Use multiple Magnebars to increase absorption for greater efficiency. 
    Remove the minute metal powder after filtering with My Filter. 
     ・You can remove from My Filter and use separately. It's very easy. 
Particle size distribution of powder removed with Magnebar
Magnebar and Magnecase covered in metal particles after use
Magnecase C-500T     Magnebar 500T     Magnebar 250T      Magneunit U-250T  
Types and Specifications
Product Name Type Magnetic strength Exterior material Dimensions (mm)  Main unit Location of installation
Magnebar   500T 6000G Ti φ24
Inside bag 
500 4500G HT φ26
  250T 6000G Ti φ24
Inside bag 
 250 4500G HT φ26
Magnecase C-500T 6000G Ti φ24
100 x 900H  Inside plating tank
Magneunit U-250T 6000G Ti φ24
250L x 4 bars
280 x 400H Outside plating tank
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