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Simple Filtration Device

Economic, easy-to-use filtration for better quality!!

Controlling the plating fluid is one aspect in improving the quality of chrome plating., and if any impurities  such as non-soluble solids or grease contaminate the plating liquid, the quality of the plating will be negatively effected. In the past,, plating fluid was generally not filtered but with the simple filtration equipment, My Filter, SS concentration decreases with efficient filtration, contributing to cost reduction and higher quality.     

PVC-400             HTV-800                  HTV-800-II
  • The filter bag is a non-fabric, 100% polypropylene ultrafine material for over 90% filtration efficiency.
  • Automatic shut-off by pressure gauge with connector when filter gets clogged. 
  • Changing filter bag is easy buy just lifting lid and removing.
  • After removing filter bag, cleaning container is unnecessary.
  • Dramatically increase particle retention force by maintenance of deep filtration.
  • Superior feeding allows for efficient absorption of only minute amounts of oil
  • High productivity with high volume flow rate with low pressure loss. 
Results of Chrome Plating Filtration using My Filter 
  Plating bath : Sergent bath  CrO2 245g/L  H2SO4 2.4 g/L
Current density : 30A/dm²
Current : 3,000A
Bath volume : 16,000L
Filtration method : 8hrs/day continuous filtration
Flow rate : 6,000L/hr

 Effects of Filtration

Model Magnet Pump Filter flow vol.
Max. temp.
Material Outer dimensions (mm))
Total weight
PVC-400 100V 260W Up to 3000L
PVC 350Wx500Lx900H
HTV-800 200V 50/60Hz 0.75kw 3-phase Up to 6000L
HT 700Wx700Lx1300H
HTV-800-II 200V 50/60Hz 0.75kw 3-phase Up to 12000L
HT 900Wx900Lx1350H
*Depending on the bath, stainless steel can also be used.
Types of 3M Liquid Filter Bags
Part No.
Part No.
Nominal Pore diameter(μm) Filtration efficiency
113A 123A 1 93
114A 124A   2.5 94
115A 125A 5 94
116A 126A 10 97
118A 128A 25 96
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